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iWhatsApp Business Sender

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  • Send bulk campaign in dual mode (safe mode and blind mode)
  • Verify your sent bulk by getting real status for delivery
  • AutoReply message (you can set auto reply message)
  • You can set auto reply rules and build reply menu, create information centre
  • Send attachment photos, documents, stickers
  • Very fast number filter can verify regular and business accounts
  • SpinTax, Multi message, Friendly sending, Resting and Others options

List Of Features

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  • BOT AUTO REPLY: Set AutoReply, Building reply cascading menu, Add keyword rules
  • HIGH SPEED FILTER: Embedded high speed whatsapp number validator can reach more than 1000 number per minutes
  • SENDING CAMPAIGNS: Support sending campaigns using dual mode (Safe Mode & Blind Mode)
  • MODES: Integrated two modes: Safe Mode & Blind Mode
  • OTHERS: Group Sending, Fast Number Filtering, Multi Variable Support, Sleeping Control, Speed Control

How To Send Your Campaigns, Schedule Campaigns with Attachment, Sending Mode: Safe & Blind, Reports, Group Imports?

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How To Use WhatsApp Number Filter, New Number Generator, Auto Reply, Rules By Keywords, Add Attachment?

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  1. All files come with the package are compressed in zip files since the size is too big.
  2. You should have WinRAR installed in your system to extract all the downloaded files to your desktop.
  3. It is free to download and use: or 
  4. Sometimes you should get the error of File Corrupt or something like that at the time of Extracting Files. That is possible due to outdated WinRAR software. You have to install the latest WinRAR in your Desktop. We recommend 7zip as it is very easy to use.

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